Photo Gallery
Dave Lanara Restoration
Below are a few of the guns and parts that have been restored or created for various projects.  Click the pic for a larger view.
     Grip progress
The mangled parts were on an 1884 45 that had been converted to shoot 22lr.  The modern Colt came to me in 1980 as a replacement for a new 44-40 that had bad case color on it.  This replacement actually had a swatch of cold  blue applied on the right side of the frame, right out of the box.
Here's two examples of what we don't want to happen when shooting our Colts!  The left gun is a second gen that has an unusual rear sight.......           The other has lost it completely! 
This damage can be repaired and made virtually undetectable
with the inclusion of a new, era matching cylinder.  See the services page for details and photos of a repair.
A special buntline 44-40 for my good friend Mark.  Merry Christmas!
Mike Sawmiller's beautiful work!