Hank Williams Jr. during a visit to my home a few years back.  On the right, Hank and Dick Willie, the man who saved Hank's life on Mt. Ajax, share some time on the firing range in Montana, as Mike Venturino sights a target.  My sincerest thanks to Hank for all his help when I first started.  Without it, my work would have taken longer to achieve widespread recognition.  Thank you HANK!  Mike is shooting an original Winchester 73 in 38-40 caliber. 
Hank really knows his shootin' irons.  His one thousand yard buffalo gong range was just calling for that Sharps carbine I have.  We figured the sight should be set at way over 1000 yards, but it worked out to 725, and those big 50 caliber bullets made a lot of racket hitting that gong.  That was the best day of shooting I ever had.!

SHOOTING A SET OF ANTIQUE ETCHED PANEL 44-40s MAKES MY DAY.  (No, I didn't shoot that barrel through the barn boards!)
My friend, Issy Dreiling, a great American and his story.  I will never forget you!  Thank you for being my friend and thank you for your service.
Look at the photo on the right.  Beyond the fence line, centered, you'll se a tiny black dot.  That is the buffalo gong at a 1000 yards.  Click the picture for a larger view.  It will give you an idea of how far we were shooting.  Even Hank's wife at the time, as well as Mike and I, managed to hit it.  We used a 40 caliber Sharps sporting rifle, but I insisted on trying the 50-70 carbine.  Mike said if he hadn't seen it, he wouldn't believe it.  He spotted for me and recorded several good hits before the barrel was too fouled to get an accurate shot.  What a day!